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Keep Clean with Industrial Skid Mounted and Trailer Mounted Drain Jetters

Over time, drains get clogged up with grease, soap scum, and organic residues. A high-pressure drain jetter can remove these buildups, allow your waste to flow efficiently. You can find a wide range of drain jetters on eBay at cheap prices.

Why is drain jetting such a popular method of removing blockages?

Manual drain excavations are costly and highly destructive. It can take years for a landscaped garden to fully recover from the aesthetic damage caused by excavating a blocked drain. Other methods such as snaking will not effectively remove built-up mineral deposits, soap scum, or grease residues, as they often simply pierce the blockage providing a temporary reprieve rather than a long-term solution. Drain jetters allow you to:

  • Remove tree root blockages.
  • Clean the interior of pipes.
  • Fix slow drainage.
How do drain jetters work?

Drain jetting technology allows the user to thoroughly clean the interior of pipes and drains by operating equipment from the catch basin without having to carry out extensive excavation work to reveal and replace the blocked pipe. Drain jetters work by forcing high-pressure water through a metal nozzle at the end of a long and flexible hose. The jet nozzles are angled slightly backwards so that in addition to cleaning the pipework, the water jets also propel the hose further forwards into the system. Drain jetting requires a high-pressure water pump and machines usually operate at pressures of around 3000 psi. Drain jetters are often powered by diesel or petrol engines.

What are skid mounted drain jetters?

Skid mounted jetters are designed to be installed in the back of a van or box truck. The installation is usually carried out using a forklift truck. An exhaust flue allows the drain jetter to vent exhaust fumes through the vehicle’s roof, sidewall, or floor. When purchasing a skid mounted drain jetter, it is important to consider the total weight, including a full tank of water, to ensure that your vehicle’s maximum load weight is not exceeded. Skid mounted jetters are often supplied with a radio or wire connected remote control that allows the unit to be operated from outside the vehicle by a single person.

What are trailer mounted drain jetters?

Trailer mounted jetters are similar to skid mounted jetters in size and power. They are available for both domestic and commercial applications. Trailer jetters are available in both two wheel and four wheel formats, and often feature remote controls for one-man operation.