Packing Machines

Bottle Up Drinks and Get Them Ready to Be Served With a Filling Machine

A wide array of liquid or semi-liquid materials come in bottles these days, such as water, juice, milk, ketchup, and many other things. A bottle-filling machine provides an automatic way to fill as many bottles you need with almost whatever you need, which can automate part of your business and provide you with added stability. Here's what you need to know about filling machines as you search for one on eBay.

What features do bottle-filling machines typically have?

There is a fairly broad range of filling machines available for sale on eBay, so all of the following features will not necessarily be present in each one that you'll see. (For example, not every filling machine will have a conveyor belt.) However, the broad features tend to be rather like the following:

  • A motor that both pushes the bottles throughout the machine and keeps the mechanism that fills up the bottles active
  • A conveyor belt or some other kind of automatic feeder that brings your bottles up to be filled
  • A series of nozzles and hoses from which liquid or semi-liquid material is deposited into your bottles as they file down the conveyor belt
  • Some sort of pump or pneumatic mechanism, which pushes the liquid through the hoses and nozzles and into the bottles
  • Filling weight capability somewhere in the range of about 5 to 5000 millilitres
Who is most likely to need a filling machine?

The filling machines that you'll see for sale on eBay are generally all intended for use by business owners. Most are fairly small and therefore suitable for those who own small stores or small factories, but it may be possible to find larger and more powerful machines if you shop around. Here are a few suggestions for who may find a use for a bottle-filling machine:

  • Those selling products in aerosol cans like shaving cream or whipped cream
  • Those selling bottled drinks of any kind
  • Those selling thicker bottled substances like ketchup, mustard, or some other kind of sauce
What other machines might you need along with filling machines?

A bottle-filling machine, on its own, merely fills your bottles with whatever you wish to fill them with. Other machines, which you can also find for sale on eBay, may need to be joined with a bottle filler to fully prepare your bottle to be sold. These include:

  • A bottle unscrambler, which organises a messy pile of bottles into an orderly line ready to enter your filling machine's conveyor belt
  • A bottle capping machine, which screw caps onto your bottles after your bottle-filling machine has filled them
  • A bottle labeller, which affixes labels to your bottles