Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8

A Guide to Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8

Tempered glass screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are made with multiple layers that serve different functions to protect the screen on your smartphone. The process to manufacture tempered glass is designed to make it up to 10 times stronger than the normal glass that comes with the phone. Here is what you should know about the Samsung S8 glass screen protectors you can find on eBay.

Features that may come with a tempered glass screen protector

The Samsung S8 tempered glass features could include:

  • 9H hardness: 9H hardness refers to the hardness of the coating on the glass and the ability of materials to scratch it. The regular glass on a smartphone has a rating of 5H.
  • Anti-scratch: THe S8 glass screen protector has an anti-scratch coating that is typically made from materials such as a diamond-like carbon mixed with polycrystalline diamond materials. This type of coating is often referred to as Samsung Galaxy S8 Gorilla Glass.
  • Anti-shatter: The Samsung Galaxy S8 shatterproof screen protector film on the glass prevents it from shattering if you drop or sit on your phone.
  • Anti-glare: The Gorilla Glass S8 Samsung protector has a clear panel that is placed over the glass to prevent the sun's rays or indoor lights from reflecting back at you when you look at your phone.
  • Anti-fingerprint: The coating on the glass hides your fingerprints so you cannot see them after you handle your phone.
  • Anti-peeping: The tempered glass screen protector S8 film reduces the amount of blue light being emitted by the phone.
  • Case-friendly: Tempered glass protects the screen when you put it into a case for extra protection.
  • Washable: You can safely spot-clean the tempered glass with soap and water.
  • Waterproof: The glass will not be damaged if it gets wet.
What colours are used in affordable Samsung Galaxy S8 Gorilla Glass?

You can get a new or used Samsung S8 glass screen protector in the following colours: black, blue, gold, pink, purple, silver, white, and clear. The colours are see-through so you can see clearly what is on the screen under the tinted tempered glass.

What brands make Samsung S8 tempered glass?

In addition to Samsung, the following brands make tempered protective glass that can fit on the Samsung S8 smartphone: Alinsea, amFilm, Apple, Aviser, Belking, Cygnett, EFM, Fone Stuff, Gadget Guard, GizzmoHeaven, Glass Pro+, Griffin, H&R, Head Case Designs, Insten, InvisibleSHIELD, MyScreenPROTECTOR, Nano, Nilkin, Nuglas, OTTERBOX, Pama, PanzerGlass, PLUS, POOPHUNS, Snakehive, Spigen, Valor, Visibee, VRS Design, and Whitestone.