DAB Car Antennas

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Buy a Replacement DAB Aerial for Your Car

A replacement DAB aerial can help you to get the best signal for your radio. You can find these replacement parts on eBay for an affordable price. Here are a few things you need to know before placing your order.

What is DAB radio?

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a high-definition radio. It is a type of analogue radio signal that can be converted into a digital signal. These signals are assigned to either a FM or AM frequency range. DAB offers audio quality that is similar to a compact disc. For AM frequencies, the quality is the equivalent of an FM station. These signals are transmitted in-band and on-channel (IBOC). The same frequency can carry several stations. A special receiver is needed to handle a DAB signal. The DAB signal is compressed at the transmitting site. These frequencies have several advantages over traditional transmissions. They have better sound quality and immune to inference. The listener base can be expanded within a frequency band as well.

How do you receive a DAB signal?

A DAB receiver is similar to a digital television screen. The menu screen displays information about available programmes in your area. Many DAB stations have sports programmes, up-to-the-minute news, weather updates, and other important bulletins. You can even see what songs are coming up on the station.

What types of replacement DAB aerials are available?

There are three different types of aerials available for your DAB radio. These options include:

  • Magnetic DAB aerials: This aerial will clasp to the roof of your vehicle. A magnetic external aerial will give you the best reception. You can add this aerial without having to drill a hole in your roof. You will have to run a cable through the boot of your car. This magnetic base can be easily removed as well.
  • Mounted rooftop aerials: This aerial can be installed to your roof. Some models even include a GPS receiver. These aerials can be left on the car and do not need to be removed.
  • Internal glass mount aerials: This mount can stick to the inside of your vehicles window. There are no cables that need to run through your car. You also dont need to drill holes into the roof. All the components remain inside the car.
What connectors are needed for a DAB aerial?

There are three different types of connectors for an aerial. Most aerials will either need an MCX, SMB, or SMA connector to hook into your DAB radio.