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Men's Trainers

Originally designed for sports or other forms of exercise, men's trainers have evolved to become a comfortable shoe which can be used for today's everyday activities. In fact, we spend more time in our sports shoes than any other footwear we own. This is a very good reason why we should carefully consider the many options available.

Running Shoes

Men's running shoes are often bought for their performance enhancing qualities and are manufactured by leading sports brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike. It is important that any running shoe offers a combination of support and cushioning. The degree an individual requires will depend on several factors such as weight, foot shape and the surfaces you run on.

Men's off road or trail running shoes are designed to protect a runner's feet, with deeper treads to grip rough terrain. Whereas those running shoes designed for road racing tend to be slimmer in shape to enhance speed. In addition, stability running shoes are specifically designed to correct a runner's motion and are ideal for those who tend to wear the outer edge of trainers down, preventing knee pain and injury.

Men's walking, hiking or trail athletic shoes can be laced or smooth fronted and can include special features such as slip resistant soles, water resistant materials and even LED lights.

Fashion Trainers

Men's hi-top trainers extend over the wearer's ankle. They're a popular style which has crossed over from the basketball court to the catwalk. This style of trainer can be worn in understated subtle colours or bold and bright designs to make a real impact. Men's baseball shoes are another ankle length boot of a similar style.

Skate shoes are very different in design to conventional men's trainers and are worn by skaters and non-skaters alike. These trainers include special features designed especially for use in skateboarding, including a much smoother, vulcanised rubber sole with minimal tread. Skate shoe uppers can be made from several materials including suede, leather, canvas or other textile materials.

The first form of trainer was designed in the US in the late 18th Century. This was a rubber soled shoe called a plimsoll. The style evolved into a more comfortable shoe with a canvas top and by 1892 the first 'trainers' were being mass produced. Today, men's plimsolls are an easy to wear, casual slip-on shoe, available in various colours and textures which can be styled for any occasion.

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