Men's Rings

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Men's Rings

Browse men's rings to pick out the perfect accessory to suit your look, whether you're looking for a wedding ring, signet ring or a piece of statement jewellery. Fine men's rings add a touch of luxury to your outfit whilst costume rings let you add a striking and stylish design to your everyday wear.

When searching for something that you're going to wear every day, it's best to buy a ring made from fine metal as they last longer and don't irritate the skin.

The most affordable and accessible fine metal is sterling silver, which is both versatile and attractive. If you're looking for a more classic look, then gold comes in white, yellow and rose to suit any style.

Platinum is the most valuable of the metals due to its hardness and resistance to tarnishing. Or, for a more affordable alternative, look for palladium.

Men's Band Rings

Band rings remain the most popular style of ring for men. You can find plain bands or metals inlaid with other metals or even carbon fibre for a more personalised look.

You'll also find bands with patterns or intricate designs to the shanks, with Celtic designs being ever popular.

Men's Signet Rings

One of the most popular styles of men's ring, besides the wedding band, is the signet ring. It's origins date back centuries to when the signet ring was used for personal identity, as a signature or a symbol of family heritage.

Signet rings have a flat bezel top that would traditionally be engraved with the wearer's family crest or another distinctive symbol. Find one with a plain bezel that you can engrave with your initials or a motif, or find a signet ring that is already engraved with a pattern or design that you love.

Aside from a flat bezel, there are loads of designs of signet ring that feature stones at the crest, plain or engraved.