Men's Lapel Pins

Mens Lapel Pins

Once only worn by gentlemen of status, mens lapel pins are now decorative fashion accessories, traditionally worn with a suit.

How to wear a mens lapel pin

A lapel pin should always be positioned on your right lapel and placed next to your pocket square - if youre wearing one - to create impact. Pierce the stem of the lapel pin through your jacket collar buttonhole, or if your lapel has no buttonhole, it can be pierced through the material instead. It should be attached at an angle, so that it follows the line of your jackets lapel.

Different styles of mens lapel pins

A popular trend includes wearing a floral lapel pin rather than a fresh flower buttonhole at weddings. Known as wedding flower boutonnieres, these pins come in a range of colours and typically take the shape of a rose shape in either silk, cotton or satin.

Mens lapel pins that feature wildlife and wild creatures are popular with animal lovers. Vintage plane and car lapel pins are decorative and perfect if youre looking for something unusual.

Mens lapel pins that feature traditional emblems and are associated with a particular country are often worn for special commemorative events. Special edition lapel pins that have associations with film merchandise are often considered to be collectable items and help showcase your hobby. Lapel pins are also available in other themes such as sports, music or plain colours to match your tie and pocket square.

Different types of mens lapel pins

Mens lapel pins come in different forms, including the stick pin for a vintage look. This style of pin has a thin needle with a collar and slides up and down to secure or release the pin.

Small badges - often called enamel pins - are subtle. They secure with a butterfly clasp at the back.