Party Games & Activities

Party Games and Activities

Games and activities can make any party more fun and entertaining. Add structure to a party and encourage people to interact with each other with party games and activities. Party games are especially important at childrens parties and can be a good icebreaker at parties of all kinds.

There are many different kinds of games for parties. The type you choose will depend on what you are celebrating, the ages and types of people you expect to play, the size of the area you are playing in and whether you are planning indoor party games or outdoor party games .

Party card games

A regular pack of playing cards could be all you need to play party card games, but there are many other card games available. Card games and board games are a good choice for smaller indoor parties with limited space. You only need a table, chairs and between two to six people to play.

Outside party games

Large outdoor versions of popular parlour games and board games can keep small and large groups of people entertained in the garden. If these types of garden games and activities spark your interest, Giant Jenga, giant dominoes and giant connect 4 in a row are just a few to consider.

More traditional outside lawn party games such as croquet and skittles can also provide hours of entertainment for guests of all ages.

Childrens birthday party games

It is always wise to be prepared and have several popular birthday party games and activities for children on standby when hosting a childs party.

Childrens party games and activities can be as simple as musical chairs or pass the parcel. More elaborate childrens party games, such as pin the tail on the donkey, twister and games themed with popular characters from TV and movies, can create fun and excitement for the whole group.