Door Mats & Floor Mats

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Door Mats & Floor Mats

Protect your floors and create a warm welcome at the same time by choosing door mats and floor mats for your home. These heavy-duty, durable mats are the perfect things to place next to all of your external doors to catch that mud and muck before it spreads onto your carpets. Their non-slip properties also create a safe place for wet shoes to land before they risk skidding on slippery tiles or wooden flooring. Pair weatherproof external door mats on the outside of your doors with internal floor mats inside them to give your floors the best chance of staying clean.

Hard-wearing Materials

Door mats to be placed outside should come in durable, waterproof materials. Heavy-duty rubber and tough cast iron are both popular choices. Many of the cast iron mats combine functionality with beautifully ornate Victorian-inspired designs that add a lovely touch of class to your arrival home.

Floor mats that will live inside your home can use a variety of materials. You still want to go for something hard-wearing and with a non-slip surface underneath, but you can choose between materials that include cotton, coconut fibre, bamboo, polyester and coir.

Designs to Suit All Homes

Door and floor mat designs range from simple block colours to cheery welcome messages. Greet your guests with humorous slogans such as ‘Come in if you have prosecco' or even choose your own customised message. You'll also find some colourful floral, animal, tartan and graphic prints that can complement your interior design whether it is traditional or contemporary. If you prefer to keep things simple, choose mats in a single colour. Dark tones like black, brown and dark grey are likely to last the longest so can be a wise choice if your home experiences heavy (muddy) footfall!