Rug & Carpet Runners

Rug and carpet runners to line your home

Rugs and carpet runners are an easy way to update a room while protect the existing floor without the upheaval of completely redecorating. Traditional Persian rugs look fantastic against original wooden floorboards, while more modern geometric and pattern rugs can create a focal point in an otherwise classically designed plain room. 

Hallway mats

One area of any building where heavy footfall means that durability is often more important than style is the hallway. Heavy duty non-slip rubber backed mats are ideal for hallways where water might be trodden in from outside and make the area slippery. Anti-slip mats are also ideal for use on industrial floors, which might be smoother and more slippery than a domestic house with carpeted floors. 

Rugs to suit busy homes

For busy homes, clear carpet protectors are ideal to keep the main carpet on show without covering it up. Extra long hallway runners also mean that there's no excuse for dirty feet or paws to spread beyond the hallway mat and into the rest of the house, no matter how large the family is. 

Some rubber backed mats can be cut to size so they suit the house dimensions perfectly, and double up as fantastic boot liners for when mucky dogs, boots or camping equipment is at risk of dirtying up the trunk of the car. Many mats are machine washable as well, which makes it easy to refresh a rug that's been walked over many times. 

Luxury rugs and mats

In less hardwearing areas of the home, the priority might be on finding a luxury rug or mat. Extra deep shaggy rugs are very popular, as are non-shed rugs that promise not to lose their pile with regular use. Grey, brown and beige rugs are ideal neutral shades to complement most interior colour schemes. Floral designs can make welcoming front door mats to greet visitors to your home.