Garrard Vintage Record Players/Turntables


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Spinning Garrard Vintage Record Players Selection Tips Your Way

Garrard began producing quality products in 1915, and you might be devoted to finding the perfect Garrard record player on eBay. Whether you search for a Garrard 210 record player, a Garrard turntable, or another Garrard product, you can add to your basic knowledge of any Garrard record electronics with these few simple tips.

Shopping for an affordable Garrard turntable on eBay

First, your basic component is a turntable, and you may select from numerous Garrard models that are made up of a stylus, tonearm, and all controls for peripherals, such as a set of speakers. Next, any Garrard turntable for sale nests inside consoles of various sizes. A cabinet player is compact enough to sit on a table, but it can rest on the floor as well. If you desire a larger unit, then the footed console of oak, maple, or cherry wood provides an elegant look as a piece of furniture. Finally, you may choose between stereo or monoaural capability.

Some Garrard record changer turntable items that eBay offers

Some of the Garrard models you might find on eBay include:

  • Model 301 with teak wood plinth, which provides deep reverberations
  • Model RC 121D vintage turntable that plays 45, 78, and 33 1/3 rpm records
  • Model 6-200 C full turntable assembly, which works for manual or automatic play
  • Models with a 45 center-stacking post, which allows playing of 45 rpm records
Is condition important for Garrard turntables?

Yes. A vintage record player needs grading for transparency before you decide on buying. A player in excellent condition works well and looks like new. Fine condition turntables show a bit more wear and tear, but all components are present and work well. Good condition means that you might need to make minor tweaks, such as replacing a turntable belt, although there are no major flaws. Items listed as "fair" or in "as-is" condition likely indicate a player containing parts for redistribution, but one of these players might still interest you because of its history.

Are there custom-made turntable items?

Yes. With such a venerable company as Garrard, turntables received customized attention, particularly in crafting plinths from wood. Teak wood is known for having a density that provides excellent reverberation quality. Other woods used to make Garrard players include oak, cherry, and walnut.

Will a 16 2/3 or 8 1/3 rpm record play on Garrard turntable models?

Less common formats such as these contain extremely narrow grooves and play at low speeds to maximize recording length. Be sure your turntable plays 7-, 10-, and 12-inch sizes to enjoy these rare records.