Children's Desks

Children's desks are designed for play, homework, and leisure use. When choosing children's desks it's important to consider comfort and storage options. Many practical and functional designs feature a variety of storage drawers , bins or compartments. Some children's desks also include a matching stool or chair.

Different types of children's desks

MDF chipboard children's desks are available in a wide variety of styles. The most functional and basic option is the compact square desk, with or without a single drawer. For a spacious bedroom, opt for larger desks that feature six canvas bin style drawers, in a variety of colour options.

Solid wood style desks typically have a traditional vintage or retro design. Many of the children's desks are original school desks that have been modified or upcycled.

Solid pine designs are available in a selection of sizes and styles. Choose from small and compact or large Captain style desks with multiple drawers for extra storage.

There are also a variety of oak varieties available. Choose from traditional classroom desks with vintage appeal, or contemporary pedestal children's desks with ample side drawer storage.

Alternatively solid beech and beech effect finishes are also available in modern workstation styles, and compact space saving options that neatly fit into a corner of the bedroom.

Alternative styles of children's desks

Functional children's desks take design inspiration from the vintage schoolroom desk. The compact design has a slightly angled desk top, with hinged lid and ample storage compartment below. Many desks have a rectangular stool that neatly fits under the desk when not in use.

Classic modern versions include a matching stool or swivel chair. The rectangular painted desk has a compact design with a pull out keyboard shelf, and metal legs.

More traditional style children's desks typically have a sturdy structure and classic pedestal or Captain's desk design. The desk has practical drawers which are arranged on one side or both, offering useful storage options.

Contemporary children's desks typically have a streamlined shape. Many desks have an adjustable tilting table top with storage space underneath.

Versatile and practical children's desks for younger children

Compact and lightweight plastic children's desks often feature a chunky frame with seat and desk attached together. The rectangular plastic desk has an angled table top and a curved seat.

The convertible bench desk is the perfect choice for young children. The 3 in 1 bench style seat is a practical storage box, with a moveable backrest that flips forward to convert into a desk.