Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Apple iPhone 8

Keep Your iPhone 8’s Screen Safe with a Tempered Glass iPhone 8 Screen Protector

The iPhone 8 is a great phone, but like all smartphones, its most vulnerable component is its glass screen. Drop your phone and the chances are high that it will crack if it falls face down. An iPhone 8 screen protector made of tempered glass is the answer to this common problem, and eBay is a good place to find them at a wide range of prices.

How does a tempered glass screen protector protect an iPhone 8?

An iPhone 8 glass screen protector is an extra glass layer that you can easily fix on top of your iPhone 8's original screen. The advantages of a tempered glass screen protector include:

  • Toughness: Tempered glass is glass that has been treated by a heating and rapid cooling. The result is glass with greater toughness. While no glass screen protector is unbreakable, the point of using a tempered glass screen protector is that it’s less likely to get damaged.
  • Improved scratch resistance: You’re less likely to scratch a tempered glass screen protector through normal wear and tear, such as that which occurs when your phone shares a pocket with keys or coins.
  • Screen responsiveness: The thinness and transparency of the tempered glass protector ensures that your iPhone 8 will still be as responsive to tapping and swiping as normal, and just as clear, too.
Save on replacements

If you break your iPhone 8's glass screen, you’ll find that getting a new one can be a costly and time-consuming affair. In the event of an iPhone 8 glass screen protector getting damaged from a face-down fall, your original iPhone 8’s screen will be more likely to remain intact than without the protector. A replacement tempered glass screen protector will be far cheaper, quicker, and easier to attach than if you had to replace your iPhone 8’s phone’s screen.

Special tempered glass treatments

Most tempered glass screen protectors are sprayed with a chemical that repels oils transferred from your fingers to the screen, which reduces smears and fingerprints. Another treatment on some tempered glass protectors is designed to enhance your privacy. It involves constructing the glass in such a way that it’s more difficult for people on either side of you to see your text or images on your screen clearly.

Does tempered glass feel different than a phone screen?

Many people prefer the feel of finger-on-glass when tapping and swiping compared to other materials such as plastic. A tempered glass screen protector retains exactly that same tactile pleasure.