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Stay on the road with car batteries

Shop a huge range of car batteries to keep your vehicle on the road. With an extensive range of reliable and high-quality brands found here on eBay, you will be sure to find the product that you can trust to keep your car running. 

Finding the right battery

Car batteries are produced by battery brands such as Bosch and Duracell, not by the makers of car. Therefore when purchasing a new battery you must first identify what size of battery you need. 

Battery types

There are several different chemical compositions of car battery offering differing levels of performance, life, and value. Most types of battery are available in a variety of sizes. 

Lead Acid car batteries are the most common batteries on the market. They are generally reliable, with most brands anticipating that a new battery will last for 20,000 engine starts. 

Calcium car batteries are a slightly higher quality than Lead Acid batteries. They are designed for drivers who commonly make short trips, thereby not allowing a standard battery to fully charge. They are also more reliable during the winter. A typical calcium battery is expected to provide 30,000 starts. 

Silver batteries are a high-end battery, providing you with extra peace of mind if you are prone to leaving your lights on when you visit the shops. They are ideal for cars with a lot of gadgets such as air con, sat nav, and phone chargers. A silver battery will typically allow for 50,000 engine starts. 


If you have a car that uses stop-start technology then you are likely to require either an AGM or an EFB/ECM battery. These batteries will be of higher cost but will provide in excess of 300,000 starts. The batteries are typically complicated to fit and are likely to require a mechanic.