Apple iPod classic

The iPod Classic

The iPod Classic is a great way for you to listen to music while you are on the go. It gives you the chance to download all of your favourite tracks and you can even store thousands of songs at any one time. With the option to access any song on the device in a matter of seconds, the iPod Classic combines functionality with a retro appearance. It is available in 7 different generations, each having a different style and design, running the classic iPod system with intuitive circular control and layout.

Capacity and Battery Life

iPod Classics are available with different storage capacities. The higher the capacity of the iPod the more songs and data it can store, ranging up to an astounding 160GB. Some of the classic iPods are also available with different levels of battery life. If the screen on the iPod is bigger then it is a general rule that the battery will not last as long. The screen brightness can also play a part in the battery life of the device, and even how old it is.


The iPod Classic comes with a range of buttons that can be used to play, skip and pause music. The iPod Classic is known for having a touch wheel and this enables the user to rotate their finger in a clockwise motion to go forward through the songs, and backwards to view the songs that were before the current one. The touch wheel is located on the front of the device and is very easy to use, making it one of the main reasons why the iPod classic is so popular with those who want to listen to their music while they are on the go. The iPod classic is also available in numerous colours. New iPods come with headphones and a USB charging cable.