DAB Car Stereos & Head Units

Rock Out With DAB Car Stereos and Head Units

Enjoy clearer reception and less noise interference when you make the switch to Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB radio. You can find a large selection of these car stereos and head units available at affordable prices when you shop eBay.

Benefits of DAB car stereos

Sound quality is generally higher with digital radio, and you can pull in about double the stations you can with standard AM/FM in areas that offer comprehensive DAB coverage. They are easier to use as there is no need to tune into a station. The signal does not fade into static as you find with standard radios. Instead, you will be able to listen to a station until you are no longer close enough for the signal to reach you.

Features of DAB car stereos and head units

With such a large selection of models to choose from, features will vary some among the units. Generally, you can expect to find built-in Bluetooth, equalisers, audio streaming, and aerial. There is WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and MP3 playback available via USB or CD. Many have apps like Spotify or Pandora to hook up to. Some have touchscreen LED and LCD displays in a variety of colours and languages with up to three lines of text to let you know what you are listening to. They have multiple pre-sets for you to save favourite stations for quick access and a digital clock for ease of telling time.

Specifications of DAB car stereos head units

These DAB car stereos are mostly double-DIN, which is the standard size for most late-model vehicles. However, you can still find some single-DIN units that will fit in many older, classic vehicles. Some have removable front-face panels that help in deterring theft. Many are universal and can be used in any car make or model.

Are these car stereos new or used?

You can find both new and used digital stereos for sale on eBay. Brand-new units will generally cost a bit more but have never been used. Pre-owned units are often cheaper than brand-new ones but could have some cosmetic signs of wear. Thoroughly reading through listings can give you an idea about the condition of the stereo unit.

What brands of digital car stereos are available?

You can find all major brands of car stereo equipment for sale and even some unbranded units. Unbranded stereos are usually cheaper than name-brand units but can be just as useful. Some of the major brands you will find include:

  • Pioneer
  • Alpine
  • JVC
  • Kenwood
  • Sony