Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitters

Connect Your Phone and Car With an FM Bluetooth Transmitter

Bridging the gap between older and newer technologies doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. If you want to sync your mobile phone with a traditional FM radio, a new Bluetooth car transmitter obtained on eBay can connect those two devices rather simply. All you have to do is connect the transmitter to the phone and tune the radio to the right broadcast frequency.

Can a Bluetooth FM transmitter also pair with Bluetooth headphones?

This functionality will depend on the model in question. That said, there are models of Bluetooth transmitters for cars that can simultaneously pair with Bluetooth headphones and other Bluetooth receivers. This enables multiple functions from a single output, and it allows for adaptive use of the RF transmitter for your car. Mixing and matching the various functions is usually as simple as pairing all of the devices that you want to use. Keep in mind that each model will have its own maximum number of devices that can be simultaneously connected.

Does the FM transmitter require an auxiliary cord?

This is another feature that will vary by the model of transmitter you're searching for on eBay. Some models connect to the input device via aux cables. Other transmitters can simultaneously function as a receiver. That enables the wireless connection of devices like mobile phones. In fact, some models can sync with multiple phones at the same time. Simply switch to the preferred device after it has completed Bluetooth sync. It's one of the leading reasons people search for Bluetooth transmitters for cars on eBay.

Do affordable Bluetooth radio transmitters broadcast in mono or stereo?

As always, the answer to specific feature questions will depend on the model. With that said, stereo broadcasting is common among car Bluetooth transmitters. It is nearly an industry standard for the transmitter to utilise dual-channel communication that allows for stereo broadcasting. Similar designs also enable the transmitters to simultaneously send and receive information. In short, these are versatile devices that are also reasonably priced.

Devices that can connect to car transmitters

While many of these devices were originally designed for car stereos, they have received ample innovation. They are no longer just cigarette lighter Bluetooth radio transmitters. It isn't uncommon to find a transmitter that works both with a car and with a television. This enables you to enjoy wireless broadcasts of sound and video to the TV. Similarly, new and preowned transmitters can be used with gaming consoles to reduce the number of cables involved with the setup. For the most part, Bluetooth transmitters can work as a communication link between any Bluetooth devices or additional hardware that utilises the connectors that come with your transmitter.