iPod Nano 7th Generation

Small yet powerful iPod Nano 7th generation

A 7th generation iPod Nano is an ideal music player for those on the go. The slim design lets you easily store and carry this classic device with ease. Taking design hints from the original iPod range as well as the latest iPhone range, an iPod Nano is filled with useful features to keep you entertained wherever you go. 

Advanced features in a slim package

Thinner than the previous generation, these iPod Nanos are only 5.4mm wide, making them easy to hold. The rectangular screen is much larger than the previous models, perfect for using the touch screen LCD screen with precision. 

Choose from pleasant colours to match your outfits, including black, pink and green among many others. The aluminium outer shell adds a touch of luxurious shine. A white bezel surrounds the screen and features the first home button on an iPod Nano. 

Volume buttons and a pause button sit on the left-hand side, giving you greater control when listening to your favourite albums. 

Intuitive software

The iPod Nano's operating system is simple and easy to use. Circular app buttons step away from the classic iOS style, whilst a Fitness app lets you input your details for more effective workout sessions. 

16GB of storage lets you keep all of your favourite songs and videos in one easy to reach place, whilst Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair your device with compatible equipment. 

A video app lets you watch your favourite shows on the go with a 720p resolution at 30FPS, showing you every small detail and bright colour in high definition. You can play up to three and a half hours of video playback before your Apple iPod will need recharging. 

Sync your device with your iTunes account to keep your favourite playlists, audiobooks and podcasts to hand and enjoy up to 30 hours of audio playback.