In-Car Bluetooth & Handsfree Kits

Drive Safely With a Bluetooth Hands-free Kit

A Bluetooth hands-free car kit lets you multitask and still keep your hands safely on the wheel. If you are looking for a new or used kit for your car or van, eBay has affordable in-car phone Bluetooth hands-free kits that are compatible with various operating systems and vehicle models.

Details to consider when buying a hands-free car kit

When choosing a Bluetooth hands-free car kit, you should assess the various features and options that are available for this type of technology. Some of the factors you should take into consideration are:

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, and BlackBerry are common supported systems.
  • Connectivity: You can get auto-pairing sets or those that require a few extra steps like putting a password into your phone.
  • Smart features: Some Bluetooth kits have built-in voice-control technology, text-to-speech engine, TTS integration, or native support for music streaming.
  • Display: LCD and LED displays are available. Some models also have touch screen capability.
  • Power: Bluetooth kits can use batteries, car ignitions, or both. Kits might include an auxiliary, USB, or micro USB charging cable.
  • Attachments: Many kits include a charger and cradle. Some kits might also include a headset, music adapter, Bluetooth antenna, remote control, or microphone.
Selecting a used Bluetooth car kit

If looking for a used Bluetooth car kit, you should check the listings carefully not only to ensure vehicle compatibility but also for the included fittings and cables. Older kits can still offer universal Bluetooth support, but may not include the peripherals with a used or seller refurbished model. Used kits that include an adapter and charger might initially be more budget-friendly than new, feature-rich modules, but if there are components not included with a used listing, purchasing them separately will increase the total price paid. Check the manufacturer's site for details of the fittings you will need for full functionality.

Which Bluetooth telephone car kits are available on eBay?

As well as unbranded models, eBay also offers Bluetooth car kits from Pioneer, Bury, Cardo, Sony, Yatour, Motorola, Nokia, Connects2, Parrot, and more. Depending on the make and model, Bluetooth telephone car kits may offer snap-in adapters or cradle variants. If you are planning to use your Bluetooth car kit in a vehicle or environment that routinely involves damp, consider a marine/waterproof model. No matter what type of Bluetooth car kit you select, always check the manufacturer's specifications to determine its compatibility with your vehicle and phone before purchase.