Car Stereos & Head Units

Vehicle car stereos & head units

Listen to your favourite songs when out on the road with vehicle car stereos and head units. Whether you are looking to stream your music wirelessly with a Bluetooth car stereo or are after a digital radio so you can listen to any radio channel nationwide, choose from wide range of vehicle car stereos and head units here on eBay. 

You can find vehicle car stereos and head units to suit both new and older cars and that are suitable for all models. Choose from leading brands including Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood and Alpine plus many others to deliver high-definition sound and top functions from DAB radio to touchscreen capabilities. To suit a range of budgets, there is also a selection of brand new, used and refurbished equipment ready to be installed into your car. 

Quality entertainment

To get the best in sound quality, the range of car stereos available brings you top brands and impressive capabilities at the touch of a button. Many models can sync up to your smartphone, so you don't have to worry about carrying CDs in the car, plus the selection of head units provides touchscreen functions that mimic your phone controls for ease of use. 

Digital features

Car stereos and head units have an abundant range of digital features to make your entertainment and GPS options super easy. You can generally connect to your stereo via Bluetooth and USB cable to link up your smartphone with ease. Some head units also have DVD playing capabilities, great for keeping kids entertained on long car journeys. You can also find car stereos that double up as a sat nav and those with DAB radio with crystal clear sound. Most car stereos are able to connect with popular smartphones such as iPhones and Android models to easily sync your music preferences.