Agriculture & Farming Trailers

Every Farming Endeavour Needs Agriculture Farming Trailers

Any agriculture enterprise of any size, whether commercial or not, requires farming equipment. When you need heavy loads moved or produce cared for, then you want specific types of farming trailers for these tasks. You can often find new or inexpensive used flatbed trailers for sale or low loader trailer for sale.

What types of farming trailers are there?

For most general jobs around the farm, you will need trailers like these:

  • Chaser trailers with auger: A chaser bin (grain auger wagon) has a built-in auger conveyor system with a large load capacity of up to 1000 bushels and up to 15.000 kilogrammes. This type of trailer is towed by a tractor.
  • Ejector trailers: These trailers have a headboard that compresses material so that more volume can be transported.
  • Hook-lift trailers: A hook-lift trailer has a hook lift that can carry and move items of various sizes, shapes, and weights with just one hydraulic arm. These types of trailers are often used as water bowsers, muck spreaders, and timber-forwarding trailers.
  • Walking floor trailers: These trailers offer an efficient and safe way to move goods off the trailer bed. The floor is hydraulic and operates the load out the back automatically, all at a safe distance from the driver.
  • Forwarding high-tip trailers: Forwarding trailers are hinged in the front for direct movement of cargo into a lorry or trailer.
  • Flatbed trailer: Flatbed trailers are low-riding trailers that are long and flat. These trailers are useful for carrying heavy equipment, such as tractors and other farming implements, which need to be lifted easily on and off the trailer.
  • Low-loader trailers: Low-loader trailers for sale are flatbed trailers that have a middle floor bed section that is lower than the rest of the bed. This construction allows these trailers to carry heavier loads than regular flatbed trailers.
Helpful accessories for flatbed trailers

Parts and accessories for your flatbed trailer can make your life easier. Items like winches, winch tracks, ramps, gates, rails, and other used items are easy to find cheaply for sale on eBay. Rig your flatbed trailer to make it safer and more efficient.

Types of low-loader (lowboy) trailers

Low-loader trailers can be classified by the kind of suspension they have. Common suspension types of low loaders for sale are:

  • Spring ride: These are the least expensive but have a rougher ride and will add more stress to the trailer.
  • Air-ride: An air-ride suspension offers a smoother ride, which extends the life of the trailer. These trailers can be adjusted for a higher or lower deck height.
  • Independent suspension: An independent suspension is a hydraulic suspension that is a double-wishbone, providing stability and a greater angle of steering.
  • Hydraulic suspension: This is an oil-filled system that allows for a wide range of axle movement.