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Canon IXUS Digital Cameras

The range of Canon IXUS digital cameras is characterised by being made up of ultra-compact and easy to use cameras. All Canon IXUS cameras are widely regarded for their smart and attractive designs, as well as being competitively priced for the high quality digital images they produce.

Photography in your pocket

Because they are so easily carried in a pocket or bag, Canon IXUS cameras can be used for all kind of occasions as a 'point and shoot' camera. They're also a great alternative to carrying a larger camera when you're on holiday or playing sports.

Many professional photographers will also carry a compact camera such as a Canon IXUS as a back up camera to their full sized dSLR, as these kinds of small cameras are great for getting fast, discreet shots when out and about.

Many Canon IXUS digital cameras can also record video and the cameras come in a range of resolutions or megapixels (MP) to produce high quality pictures and videos. All Canon IXUS cameras record photographs in the popular .JPG format to allow plenty of photos to be captured.

Older digital Canon IXUS models may still carry the additional name of Powershot, but this was eventually phased out.

Using the Canon IXUS

All Canon IXUS cameras produced since 2005 use industry standard SD memory cards to store their images. These can be accessed by most computers using the usual software built into your computer's operating system. Either use an SD card reader or plug the camera directly into the computer's USB slot using the USB lead.


Most Canon IXUS cameras feature optical zoom, which means the glass lens moves in and out of the camera to close in on the subject. Some models additionally feature the benefit of digital zooms. These bring far off subjects even closer through the use of in-camera digital enhancement. All Canon IXUS have self-timers so it's easy for you to take the perfect selfie.

Canon IXUS cameras usually have an automatic lens cap that covers the lens when the camera is turned off, meaning the lens is always protected when your camera is in your pocket or bag.

Canon IXUS cameras come in a range of attractive colours, including traditional silver and black as well as colours such as blue and red.

Along with Nikon and Pentax, Canon is one of the oldest Japanese camera makers and produces a large range of cameras ranging from simple snapshot models like the IXUS to high-end professional photography equipment.