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Avoid Expensive Repairs with a TV Screen Protector

Although many people realise the importance of protecting the screens of mobile devices, they dont often think of the benefits of protecting their TV in the same way. Apart from protecting the screen from thrown objects, nicks, and scratches, a TV screen protector can also shield the television from food and liquid splatters. eBay has a full range of TV screen protectors on offer, listed at a variety of prices, sure to suit any budget.

How can you narrow down your choice of TV screen protector?

Before choosing from the variety of TV protector screens on eBay, there are a number of factors which have to be taken into consideration. These include:

  • Brand: TV models differ in unit size and shape, and your specific TV will dictate the protector you need.
  • Screen size: Measured diagonally in inches, not all protectors will fit every screen.
  • Screen type: Flat or curved screens need different protectors.
  • Protector material: Choose from plastic (such as PET, TPU, or acrylic glass) or glass.
  • Protector thickness: The level of protection required will restrict your choice of protector.
  • Location of the TV: You can get protectors designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
Will the TV screen protector affect your viewing experience?

Most TV screen protectors are made of tempered glass or solid optical-grade plastic, which can be as thin as a quarter of an inch. This thickness ensures greater transparency and maintains the high-definition image without compromising protective qualities. TV protector screens with an anti-glare coating are also available and can enhance the viewing experience. Another feature of some screens is an anti-blue light filter to protect eyes from UV radiation and resulting eye fatigue.

Why should you install a detachable TV screen protector?

Most screen protectors are attached to the fascia bezel of the TV by frames, straps, or invisible Velcro. Each TV screen protector may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions for details. Before installation, it is important that you choose the correct size of TV screen protector. Quite apart from aesthetics, a too-large protector might cover the speakers and impair your viewing by muffling the sound. If you have the right size, there are three main benefits with a detachable screen protector:

  • The gap between the protector and the screen allows for better absorption of an impact.
  • The gap also provides ventilation to prevent damage from overheating.
  • A detachable TV screen protector makes it easy to clean the TV.