Fishing Barrows & Trolleys

Fishing Barrows and Trolleys

A fishing barrow or fishing trolley is the ideal piece of kit for transportation of fishing gear between car and shore. Fishing trolleys are specifically designed to carry tackle boxesand rods and are usually made of metal rather than wood, in order to avoid any kind of damage to the material in wet conditions.

A good trolley can last several years when looked after. Fishing barrows are designed like wheelbarrows so that the front wheel bears the weight and the pusher does not have to. Fishing trolleys are more like airport luggage carriers in design and are usually vertical.

Fold Away

Fold away fishing trolleys have the obvious advantage that they can be stowed away and take up little room when not in use. The Prestige Carp Porter, The Frenzee FXT HGV Trolley and the Cyprinus Fishing XL trolley are all examples of trolleys that can both fold for neat storage when unused but can bear heavy weights when fully extended.

Adjustable handle

Trolleys and barrows with adjustable handles make them easy for people of different heights and strengths to use. The handles on the Fox Carp Fishing Camo Bag, The Chub Transporter Barrow, and the Nash Trax Evo Mk 2 barrow all have adjustable handles, can bear weights easily and are comfortable to use.

Integral Carry Bag feature

Some fishing trolleys and barrows have an integral carry bag, usually made of reinforced canvas, which is often waterproofed or water resistant. The Cyprinus Carp Fishing Wheelbarrow trolley has adjustable handles and a carry bag that fits to the back frame of the barrow. The Abode Carp Loader XL also has a built-in carry bag, of a bigger size than the Cyprinus. The bag is waterproof and square in shape and has an accessory packet in front of it which many customers find useful for keys and small valuables. The TF Gear New Trukka Carp fishing barrow comes with two large carry bags and another on the back, in a pannier style with lid.

With Rod Holders

Rod holders are an essential feature of the fishing barrow or trolley. The Cyprinus Carp Fishing Wheelbarrow trolley has adjustable rod holders, as well as integral carry bags and a lightweight frame. The Prestige Carp Porter has a rod holder and also has integral carry bag, and is both weight bearing, but light. The Nash Trax Evo Carp Fishing trolley also has rod holdall capacity, which can be fully adjusted.