A doorbell will let you know when your guests have arrived and can save you a trip downstairs to open the front door, depending on the model you choose.

There are thousands of doorbells available with a variety of sounds, styles and functions. Wireless doorbells are the most popular as they are easy to install and run on battery power, however traditional wired doorbells are also available. Popular brands include Byron, TecNet, Honeywell, Friedland, Siedle and Lloytron.

Door Chimes

Door chimes are a basic and effective doorbell that will make a loud noise to notify you that someone is at your front door. Classic wired styles are available in brass, while other modern options include stainless steel and aluminium.

Newer wireless chimes give you a wide choice of sounds and have ranges of up to 300 metres. Typically these units come in sleek black and white plastic designs and allow you to fully customise your doorbell sound.

Door Intercoms and Video Systems

Door intercoms and video systems allow you to interact with the person ringing your doorbell, while others will enable you to buzz them in. Whichever style you choose, these modern wireless systems are easy to install and use either Bluetooth or Wi Fi to power the two way communication.

Smart Doorbells

As technology continues to advance, it's now possible to find doorbells that can be connected to a smartphone via the internet.

They work in a similar way to video systems but can notify the homeowner via phone when the doorbell is rung or the inbuilt motion sensor is activated. The most advanced smart doorbells also include a smart lock that can be programmed and opened via the homeowner's smartphone.

You'll find a range of doorbells that are compatible with other connected devices including Nest, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

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