Guitar & Bass Plectrums & Picks

Rock out with guitar and bass plectrums and picks

As The Who told us, you can just pick up your guitar and play, but many guitarists prefer to use a pick or plectrum to get a sharper, more defined strike on the strings, especially if they are using an electric guitar. The type of pick you choose will affect the sound you get from your guitar, so you should choose your guitar and bass plectrums and picks carefully. From timeless Fender plectrums to unbranded picks, youre sure to find what you need here on eBay. 

Types of guitar and bass plectrums and picks

Picks come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, with each producing a slightly different sound. The thickness and shape that is right for you will depend on your own personal preferences, as well as the style of guitar you plan to play. For example, a precise classical guitar will require a more deft touch than thumping bass. If you are a beginner, it is worth buying a set of picks or plectrums so you can experiment to see which you prefer. 

Pick or plectrum shape and thickness

The sharper the point on your pick or plectrum, the brighter the sound, while a more rounded tip will give you a richer, rounder sound. The thickness of the pick is also important, both for the sound it makes and the feeling and feedback you get from the strings. Picks come in a range of thicknesses, ranging from extra light to extra heavy, although the most popular picks lay in the mid-range, including thin/light, medium, and heavy. 

Custom guitar and bass plectrums and picks

You can choose your picks and plectrums in a range of colours, with some manufacturers colour coding sets of picks to make them easier to identify. Picks and plectrums can be printed with the logo of your favourite band, football team or anything else you like. You can even personalise these guitar and bass accessories with your own text and logos to promote your band and give your fans something to remember the gig by.