Car Cigarette Lighter Extension Cables

Power up on the Go with a Cigarette Lighter Extension Cable

A cigarette lighter extension cable is the perfect addition to your mobile toolbox, as one of these will allow you to safely connect a number of different appliances to your vehicle's electrical power source. For example, you can charge your phone, extend the reach of your tire compressor, or even power a coffee maker just by attaching your device to an adapter with the correct voltage. Buying a cigarette lighter extension cable from the wide selection on eBay will help you to choose the right cable for your needs.

Which cigarette lighter extension cable should you buy?

There are a number of different options to consider when it comes to buying a cigarette lighter extension cable from eBay. Many cables come with the relevant male-female plug and socket combinations, with one male plug to one female socket. Often an extension cable can come with two power sockets, a convenient set up that allows you to power more than one device at once; your mobile phone and a tablet, for example. Cable lengths can vary, but a 3-metre reach is usually enough to provide you with power anywhere you might need it. Other factors to take into consideration might include:

  • Safety: Choose a cable that comes with a built-in fuse for protection against short circuiting.
  • Voltage: Most cables can be adapted to 12V or 24V, so check what power your appliances need.
  • Clips or plug: Depending on your needs, you may want to consider a cable with alligator battery clips to connect to a car battery for instant power.
Which vehicles can use a cigarette lighter extension cable?

A universal Cigarette Lighter Extension Cable can be used in any vehicle with a battery and built-in cigarette lighter port. This includes ordinary cars, vans, jeeps, and RVs. However, a 12V cable can also be used from a motorbike, a boat, and even a tractor.

How is an extension cable useful?

A cigarette lighter extension cable uses your vehicle's own power to charge your communications devices, run a refrigerator for a camping trip, or stay warm with an electric blanket. Now you can avoid hazardous extension cables running from your house to your car when vacuuming your interior, and with a cigarette lighter extension cable, you can even power a vacuum cleaner from the inside of your vehicle.