Fishing Downrigger & Outrigger Gear

Fishing Downrigger and Outrigger Gear

There is a large variety of fishing downrigger and outrigger gear available to suit many types of fishing styles and vessels. A downrigger is used for the trolling method, which places bait at a depth of your choice. An outrigger is a pole or series of poles that stops more than one line from getting tangled.

Whether you are experienced in trolling or just a keen angler wanting to give it a go, there is plenty of gear to choose from.

Different designs for different types of fishing

There are many different weights available for use with fishing downriggers , allowing you to find weights suitable for your fishing boat and what fish you are looking to land. Downrigger weights are designed for trolling and are hardwearing and able to handle the stresses of saltwater.

Many fishing weights will be coated in scratch resistant material such as vinyl to protect them from scratching the side of the boat.

Weights can also feature different reflective elements, which are used to attract fish.

There are downrigger weights designed to hold cameras too, allowing you to capture the action under the waves, securing memories of those fishing trip weekends.

Outrigger accessories and supports are available, suitable for a range of different sized vessels. This makes it easy to find outrigger gear of an appropriate size and strength.

Finding the right size

Available in a selection of sizes capable of handling different loads, your chosen gear will be strong enough for the fish that you are trying to catch. Downriggers are able to handle varying reed thicknesses, allowing for increased fishing options.

Downrigger equipment can be used on many different types of boat and is easy to connect and remove when required. Downrigger and outrigger gear is manufactured to be strong and durable, providing resistance against corrosive saltwater for a long life span.