Fishing Bait Boats

Fishing bait boats for successful trips

Adding convenience to your fishing trips, fishing bait boats are a must-have for any modern angler. Control these models remotely to enhance your fishing game. Find your ideal fishing equipment right here on eBay, from large fishing boats to additional GPS systems. 

Basic fishing bait boats

An Angling Technics Procat MKIII is a classic option. Controlled with a microprocessor enhanced 2.4Ghz radio, this bait boat offers a run time of up to 1.5 hours on the water. This lightweight model weights just 2.75kg so you can easily transport and store it with ease. A single bait hopper in the hull offers a capacity of up to 0.75kg, more than enough space for a single rod session. 

Change the brightness of the light with the left joystick to enhance visibility in dark fishing scenarios and control the direction of the boat with the right joystick. The low-profile design of this remote control bait boat ensures that you can easily fit it under hanging foliage and other obstacles, whilst the reversible drives offer serious manoeuvrability in the water. 

Advanced fishing bait boats

The Lake Reaper bait boat is packed with the latest in fishing technology to make for a successful fishing trip, every time. Control the speed of this sleek, black bait boat with the 2.44Ghz radio system and find the perfect spot with ease. To help with catching fish, this model comes with a fishfinder. This system shows information, like the depth range and water temperature, on a 4-inch display, and alerts you when a fish is nearby. 

This fishfinder bait boat can hold up to 1KG of bait, perfect for dropping off in various locations. The quiet motor allows for a better fishing experience whilst the battery can hold an amazing 10 hours of charge so you can fish to your heart's content.