Fishing Waders

Fishing Waders

Fishing waders are waterproof dungaree style trousers worn over your clothes that keep you dry while you are fishing. They are kept in place with suspenders and often have reinforced feet to prevent any water getting in. There are lots of different styles and brands available and the type you choose will depend largely on the type of fishing you want to do and the sort of water you will be standing in.

For both men and women, adjustable suspenders allow you to adjust the fit of your waders across your chest and shoulders, making sure they stay up. Not all waders have reinforced knees but if your fishing trip will involve a lot of kneeling then this is a good feature to ensure longevity.

When you are standing in fast flowing water it is inevitable that sand and gravel will hit your waders at ankle height. Over time this can damage the fabric. Gravel guards can be purchased separately, or there are some fishing waders with built-in gravel guards with reinforced fabric where the most damage is likely.


Many fishing waders have one or more pockets for you to store your fishing equipment or valuables. Most will be sealable dry pockets to prevent water damage.

As well as keeping water out, breathable materials will also reduce the amount of condensation that builds up under your waders. This is an important feature if you will be fishing for long periods.

Many fishing waders have multiple layers of fabric in heavy wear areas and in areas that are prone to damage (such as getting snagged by the occasional fishing hook). Multiple layers help to ensure longevity and durability and will be a good choice for those planning frequent fishing trips.

Look for waders that allow freedom of movement and have flexibility in the knees if you will be climbing rocks or dealing with large, tricky fish.