Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

When you are pushed for time or can’t get outdoors to cycle as much as you’d like, exercise bikes are the perfect solution. A key component of a home gym, exercise bikes allow you to enjoy a cardio workout in the privacy of your own home.

Depending on where you station the bike you can keep the calories down by cycling as you watch the latest must watch TV boxsets or while reading your favourite book. Exercising at home gives you more flexibility to multi task and gives you back the precious time you would spend travelling to the gym.

Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes making them suitable for people who live in smaller apartments through to those with a spacious gym room. Choose from upright bikes, spinning bikes, aerobic training cycles, recumbent/ semi recumbent bikes, pedal trainers and dual exercise machines such as cross trainers. Leading brands include Reebok, Davina McCall, Roger Black, Schwinn, ProForm and Pro Fitness and are available in new and second hand condition here on eBay.

Upright bikes and spinning bikes

Upright bikes are one of the most popular styles of exercise bike. Much like a traditional bicycle, upright bikes ensure a full body workout that targets the abdominal muscles in addition to the calves and glutes.

Upright bikes limit the stress placed on joints due to the posture you take when cycling. This makes them good for those easing back into exercise or looking for a low impact machine. What’s more, upright bikes don’t take up much room making them ideal for those with space limitations.

Spinning bikes are high intensity and you will need to adjust your posture and the level of resistance to vary the intensity of your workout. The higher the resistance the better, however, this should be built up over time. Before you select a spinning bike, take a look at the different resistance levels and settings to ensure you choose a style that’s right for your level of fitness.

Top Products in Exercise Bikes

  • 2018 Model XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike 15kg Chain Driven FL
  • Exercise Bikes Digital Pedal Arm Leg Aid Mini Folding Fitness Mobility Exerciser
  • JLL Ic300 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Direct Belt Driven 20kg Flywheel Wit
  • Marcy Onyx B80 Upright Exercise Bike Magnetic Heavy Duty Tablet/Phone Stand
  • Bodymax BO CVEB2407 B2 Exercise/Spinning Bike with LCD Screen Black
  • Marcy Start ME708 Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike, 17 Stone Capacity
  • Marcy ME709 Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike with 17 Stone Capacity
  • Progen Heavy Duty 18kg Flywheel Exercise Bike (436416)
  • Reebok GB50 One Series Stationary Bike Black
  • Reviber Mini Motorised Exercise Bike
  • V fit G RC Recumbent Magnetic Cycle
  • We R Sports AirUno Exercise Bike
  • Xer Fit 8104221 Exercise Bike
  • JLL JF100 Exercise Bike