Leather Dog Collars

Stylish leather dog collars

Shop a fantastic range of high-quality leather dog collars. Leather dog collars provide comfort and style for your canine companion, available in colours from classic tans to bright reds, pinks, and greens. You will find collars to fit the full spectrum of dogs, from handbag Chihuahuas to loping Saint Bernards. Leather dog collars also come in a range of styles including plain leather, elegantly stitched patterns, and classic brass embossed designs. Almost all dog collars will come with bindings allowing you to clip dog leads and tags to the collar. 

Comfortable fit

Many collars are produced with your dogs comfort in mind. Collars may provide comfortable padding on the interior, and have been designed to reduce strain on the dogs neck when you are walking. You can also find waterproof collars, perfect for rainy day walks as well as those made from materials that are easy to clean. 

Personalise your dog collar

There is a huge range of personalised dog collars available, letting you add your own special touch to your furry friend's collar. Typically, a personalised dog collar will allow for an engraved or laser printed name, address, or message upon the collar. Other items such as bows and tags are also available or add a touch of bling with jewels and diamontes. 

Collars and harnesses

If you have a dog that pulls frequently when you are walking you may wish to purchase a harness to match the dog collar. Dog harnesses are easily fitted, and support the dog around the shoulders and front legs. Harnesses make it easier to control your dog and also significantly reduce choking around the neck that can be painful for many animals. Harnesses are easily fitted and removed, and so purchasing a collar or a harness is not an either or, but another option when walking. 

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