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Increase Security With Ring Doorbells

A Ring doorbell can provide you with an array of solutions in home security while serving as a crime deterrent at the same time. You can find new and used ones on eBay. Once you have one, it makes it easier to know who is at the door whether you are at home or not.

Top features of a Ring doorbell

The Ring video doorbell includes a number of features to help you feel more secure within your neighbourhood. Determining what features are important to you will also help you to choose between the various models, including the Doorbell and Doorbell 2.

  • Motion-activated alerts
  • 720HDS video with the ability to record the video
  • Two-way talk with noise cancellation
  • Custom motion zones
  • Infrared night vision
What might be bundled with a Ring doorbell?

As you explore Ring doorbells to boost the security of your home, bundles on eBay can provide you with an array of other accessories. Some are capable of boosting the aesthetics of the doorbell, while others will increase the security around your home. Bundles vary, so determine what accessories are critical for your security.

  • Intercom system: Make it easy to communicate with people in your home using intercoms.
  • Wireless cameras: See what's happening from various angles of your home.
  • Faceplates: Change the colour of the faceplate to coordinate with your home.
  • Rechargeable battery packs: Have a fast way to change out the battery when yours is getting low.
  • Wi-Fi extender: Boost the Wi-Fi to ensure that it is being extended to the front of your home.
Benefits of used Ring doorbells

Used Ring doorbells can make it easier to get the security you need for your home without spending a lot of money. You can, potentially, get a higher-level model for less. There may also be other things included, making it easier to install the doorbell. You will want to see if there's anything missing, such as the setup template, the instructions, or any of the hardware. You should also check to see if there's any damage, so you know what kind of condition the system is in.

Can you change the ringtone on the doorbell?

On a Ring doorbell, regardless of what model you buy, you have the ability to change the sound in a few different areas. The first is the sound of the chime that rings throughout your home when the doorbell is pressed. The second is the ringtone that sounds on your smart device to help you open the Ring app and see the video of who is at your door. By being able to personalise the sounds, it makes it easier to know what's going on around your home.