Guitar & Bass Capos

Guitar Capos

A guitar capo is an essential piece of equipment for many guitarists. They are used to increase the pitch of the instrument allowing the use of open chords in all keys.

Capos work by clamping the stringsdown at the applied frets to raise the pitch. Although they essentially all do the same thing there are a number of different mechanisms and designs available.

Toggle capo

  • Simple and basic design
  • Easy to use
  • Uses a notched mechanism allowing for the tightening of the capo
  • Very affordable - good for beginners
  • Can pull the strings slightly out of tune
  • Requires the use of both hands to apply

Trigger style capo

  • Also known as quick release capos
  • Allow for very quick removal from the guitar
  • Works by gripping the capo to open and apply it and releasing the grip to allow it to clamp onto the strings
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • No control over how much pressure is applied to string – could pull strings out of tune
  • Cost effective

Spring loaded capo

  • Uses a spring controlled handle to open and close the capo
  • Can be removed quickly
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • No control over the amount of pressure applied to strings – could pull strings out of tune
  • Usually very affordable

Shubb capo

  • Uses a lever mechanism to lock the capo over the fretboard
  • Doesn’t slip or move
  • Spring mechanism to adjust the amount of tension allows for accurate tuning
  • A number of models designed for different fretboard radius’ – be sure to get the appropriate one for your guitar
  • Rubber sleeves can wear after time and use
  • Often more expensive than other mechanisms

Partial capo

  • Designed to raise the pitch of selected specific strings
  • Ideal for creating open style tunings

Capos are made in many different colours and aesthetic designs so you have a lot of styles to choose from.