Wallpaper Borders

Everything You Need to Know Before You Purchase Wallpaper Borders

A wallpaper border can provide interesting and unique accents for your wall decor. If you are looking for wallpaper borders to spice up a design you are working on, then you will be happy to know that eBay's user-friendly site has a large selection of borders from which to choose. Before you make your purchase, there are some things you should know.

Which types of wallpaper borders can I purchase on eBay?

You will be able to purchase wallpaper borders from some of the most creative home decor designers, including Laura Ashley, Arthouse, Graham & Brown, and A. S. Creation. Available styles include vintage, modern wallpaper borders, motif, wallpaper borders B&M, and classic borders.

You will find a large selection of borders from some of the largest wallpaper borders suppliers. Additional styles and motifs include Dunelm wallpaper borders and duck egg wallpaper borders.

Some borders feature embellishments that may include a satin or gloss finish, silky or embossed paper, or a distressed look. Still other styles evidence unique motifs, such as tribal geometric patterns, brocade, or metallic finish.

What to look for when choosing a wallpaper border

Motifs that are used in the borders often reference themes like country living, ranching, forest ecosystems, rustic and farm settings, coastal life, and military activities. Some border styles are suitable for the room of a child or teen because they feature cartoon characters, superheroes, and blockbuster movies like Star Wars or Spider-Man.

The following list describes some of the features you will want to consider before you make your purchase, particularly because these options provide unique customisation opportunities that let you create just the look you want.

  • Format: You can purchase these accessories in several styles, including borders, murals, rolls, and sheets.
  • Material: Most borders are made of paper or vinyl. Some papers can be specially treated to create embossing, a glossy finish, and much more.
  • Colours: Borders are available in grey, blue, silver, pink, red, black, green, purple, and gold. They can also be multi-coloured or patterned.
  • Application: Borders are typically pre-pasted or self-adhesive.

Can I find discount wallpaper borders on eBay?

You will encounter a variety of opportunities to purchase wallpaper borders at discounted rates. Purchasing discounted borders is a great way to save money on your remodelling project. Your discounted purchase may also provide a good opportunity to purchase new wallpaper borders in larger quantities that you can store for future projects. The pool of discounted borders creates options to purchase vintage or antique wallpaper that may no longer be available.