Vivitar ViviCam Digital Cameras

Vivitar ViviCam Digital Camera

Vivitar manufacture a wide range of digital imaging products, photographic accessories, camera lenses and digital cameras.

Vivitar's ViviCam digital cameras are affordable and easy to use. They are point and shoot digital cameras that incorporate a range of features to produce sharp photos and videos. They are available in a variety of styles and colours, with different levels of performance. The basic model has a 3MP camera, increasing to 12MP. They run on AAA batteries.

The body of the camera is made from plastic and on the reverse of the camera are two LED indicator displays, one of which says 'busy' and the other 'macro'. Controls on the back include playback, zoom and delete, plus the menu which allows you to navigate through the options.

The on/off and shutter release can be found on the top plate and the camera holds an SD card up to 2GB. There is 32MB of internal memory which will take approximately 17 photos.


Vivitar ViviCam digital cameras feature video and voice record, MP3 and an auto-focus lenses. There is an anti-shake function, an optical zoom and a 1.5" TFT or 1.8" rotating LCD display. The camera starts at 16MP and goes up to 20MP, with a 7mm f/3 lens and 4x zoom, increasing to 8x digital zoom, but there is no optical zoom.

There is a built-in flash and digital image stabilisation technology that reduces the effect of camera shake. Video recording is in HD and photos are 3.1 megapixels, rising to 5 megapixels in a fixed lens set up, depending on the model.

The Vivitar Vivicam 5399 model has a waterproof casing, should you wish to take it on holiday or to the pool.

Although lightweight and compact, the range of Vivitar ViviCam digital cameras lack build quality when compared to more premium models. There is a long lag time on the shutter resulting in difficulties taking motion pictures, plus you may experience a buffering delay whilst the image is being saved to the SD card or camera memory.

If you make any changes to the camera set up, there is an additional time lag as the camera adjusts itself to take the next photo. The camera can over-expose photos and in some models, it is not possible to change the exposure. The on-board flash is powerful so may distort the image and barrel distortion is present.

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