Everything You Need to Know When Selecting a Compact Tractor

Farmers need the right equipment to ensure their farms run efficiently. Compact tractors can lighten the load of farmers because of their ability to carry out a variety of tasks. Read on to find out what to look for when browsing affordable compact tractors for sale.

Choose a tractor size for your acreage

A compact utility tractor can create large piles of gravel, auger holes, dig trenches, and mow grass. The specifications of the tractor you need should depend on the size of your property and what jobs you want to carry out. For example, if you want to just mow grass, then you may only need a riding mower. That mower should take into account the acres of grass you are mowing and the ability to deal with tight turns or steep terrain when necessary. Yards with a lot of trees will need to have a tractor that will fit between trees if you dont want to come back with a trimmer or push mower. Storage location is another factor in choosing a tractor for a suburban home. Farmers who plan to exchange implements with neighbours, pull stumps, bale hay, or plough fields need a compact tractor with power and the ability to attach accessories.

The different types of compact tractors

Many farmers are concerned about brand when browsing through compact tractors for sale UK listings. The John Deere compact tractor is a well-known brand, as is Kubota and Husqvarna. When it comes to brand, you should only be concerned about the reliability and availability of parts. The different types of compact tractors come down to two categories:

  • Light-duty
  • Heavy-duty

Light-duty equipment is usually cheaper, requires low maintenance, is belt-driven, and it has a short-term availability for parts. They may be made of plastic, sheet metal, fibreglass or a combination. On the other hand, heavy-duty equipment is usually expensive, requires maintenance, is shaft driven, and it has a long-term availability of parts, made from a steel frame and designed to last a long time. It is a major investment when purchasing compact tractors, and replacement parts can be expensive.

Which specific attachments or implements may be included?

Again, the type of implements or attachments that you need depends on the use. If you are purchasing a used compact utility tractor, then you may want to find one with model-specific implements. A model-specific implement is when it is custom fit to a certain model and make. Examples are backhoes, loaders, and belly mowers. They are not interchangeable among tractors and can be expensive to add later.

Multiple varieties of mowers are available on the market. The different varieties include rotary mowers, PTO-powered mowers, field mowers, and reel-type mowers. Special purpose tools are also available to use with tractors. They may include tillers, front loaders, ploughs, sweepers, dethatchers, and box scrapers.


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