Fabric Iron On Transfers

Fabric Iron On Transfers

Fabric iron-on transfers are a great way to embellish soft furnishings or transform an item of clothing with detail and fashionable features. Whether for cushions, bedspreads or other home furniture or clothing for children and adults, you can convert any fabric with iron-on transfers. Iron on transfers works by melting a design off of a backing paper, using the heat of the iron so that it transfers onto your chosen piece of fabric.

Types of Fabric Iron on Transfers

There are many types of iron on transfers that you can use to jazz up any fabric type including embroidery transfer sheets, printable sheets, rhinestones and numbers.

Embroidery Transfer Sheets

To enable you to conduct neat embroidery that follows a specific pattern or design, embroidery transfers offer a traced outline of a design so that you can use this as a guide for your chosen type of embroidery technique. Embroidery transfer sheets offer many different patterns for cartoons and popular tv and film characters to delicate floral patterns for the edging of garments.

Printable Sheets

To customise your clothing and soft furnishings with a completely personalised design, you can find printable sheets that allow you to print your chosen design, picture or photograph directly onto a transfer sheet, which you can iron onto your chosen fabric for a one-off design that you can't find anywhere else.


To add a sparkle to your outfit or to create a dazzling pattern, iron on rhinestones can be strategically placed on your outfit, and you can iron on each rhinestone individually for precision. Rhinestones can come in many different sizes and colours so that you can create the perfect shimmering design.


When you are designing team clothing, number transfers can be ideal to keep track of each person and each t-shirt. By cutting around each digit, you can form all the numbers you need depending on how many t-shirts you have to make or if you are marking a specific year on soft furnishing or clothing.