Camping Stoves

Camping Stoves

Camping is a fun and adventurous way to enjoy the great outdoors and one of the 'must-have' pieces of equipment is camping stoves. Whether you are using it to keep yourself cosy on a chilly morning, to boil water for a warming cup of tea or to cook a delicious meal for you and your happy campers, a camping stove is an essential piece of kit.

Choosing the right camping stove is critical and this can depend on the kind of camping that you do.

Primus camping stoves are one of the most renowned options of camping stoves, they have a range that includes a light version of the Primus camping stoves that are ideal for backpackers. Despite its small look, it has a 50% fuel efficiency and has a boil time of around 3 minutes - ideal when you are in a hurry! The backpacker is incredibly durable and is known for its stability too. This model tends to be multi-fuel making this very versatile and come in titanium non-stick materials too.

If you require something a little more substantial and are not backpacking, why not opt for the Primus car camping stoves which has an option of a burner and grill stove. It also has added helpful features such as a windshield (to protect the flame) simmer control and an integrated carrying handle too.

You can also find a range of camping stoves from Coleman too, these vary depending on if you want one that is controlled by petroleum or liquefied gas. You can find some models of Coleman camping stoves that are dual fuel making, this a choice that is very flexible. You can even find one of the lightest camping stoves on the market with the Coleman F1 Lite which weighs in at just 77 grams. This model has 3 pan supports which can be folded up and removed and is made from Peek plastic and is both shock and heat resistant up to 320C.

Optimus camping stoves are available in both brand new and vintage condition, if you are hankering after days gone by or are a camping stoves collector, you can find some lovely vintage camping stoves such as an Optimus brass camping stoves in a tin. If you are looking for something more modern, you can consider the Crux camping stoves which is ideal for a camping or fishing trip. This is small but mighty and packs away into a little pouch for easy transportation.

You can find camping stoves in a variety of brands, power, size and camping type. They are available in both brand new and pre-owned condition.