Guitar & Bass Cables & Leads

Essential guitar and bass cables and leads

Choosing the right cable or lead for your guitar or bass can be critical in achieving the quality of sound that you want. Here on eBay, you can find guitar and bass cables and leads from leading brands such as Fender, Neutrik, Planet Waves and Stragg to fit different guitars including acoustic-electric and leads for electric guitars. So whether you are a beginner looking to plug into your first amp or an experienced musician looking for the gear to take your sound to the next level, choose from a range of cables and leads to suit your guitar or bass. 

Guitar and bass leads

A guitar lead transmits the signal from your guitar to another device, be that an amp, pre-amp, pedal, or tuner. There is a connector at one end of the lead, usually either a phone plug or phono plug (TRS). Acoustic guitars may use a XLR connectors. 

Although a long cable will allow you greater movement away from your amp or pedal, they often result in a loss of sound quality. Therefore, unless you are purchasing an absolutely top-end cable, you do not want to buy a longer lead than you need. 

Use the right connector

If you have an acoustic XLR connector then don't buy a TRS. If you have a TRS, make sure you know whether the connector provides a balanced output, or unbalanced output. If your manual doesn't specify assume that your instrument is unbalanced. The angle of the connector is often a matter of preference, although some guitars are only compatible with a straight, rather than forty five degree angled connector. 

Core Strength

The core is the internal artery of the cable. It is the element that transmits your signal from your instrument to your device. Unless you are able to splash out on a gold connector, copper is the most practical core material and provides a superior signal to steel. Generally the thicker the gauge the better the sound quality.