Nylon Adjustable Dog Harnesses

Nylon Adjustable Dog Harnesses

Nylon adjustable dog harnesses are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours. For dog control, choose a harness that is comfortable, supportive and easy for you to handle.

Different types of adjustable dog harnesses

Nylon dog harnesses with a lead allow you to have control whilst still ensuring your dog is comfortable.

Non-pull nylon dog harnesses are the perfect option for puppy training. The adjustable harness provides optimal control over the dog's shoulders, and therefore stops your dog pulling and calms behaviour.

Seat belt clip safety harnesses are designed for maximum comfort and ultimate safety when travelling in a car. Nylon adjustable dog harnesses feature a neoprene padded cross chest piece for optimal positioning and support. The harness is available in XS to XL sizes.

Reflective nylon adjustable dog harnesses are specially designed for outdoor adventures. The padded vest style harness is made from breathable mesh fabric, with a durable outer layer and soft padding. The strong nylon webbing straps feature 3M reflective materials for good visibility after dark. For better dog handling and control, there is a handle on the back of the harness.

Chest plate nylon adjustable dog harnesses feature a padded, extended chest plate that molds to the shape of the dog's chest, and provides maximum comfort. The design distributes weight evenly across the chest.

Padded nylon adjustable dog harnesses are ideal for smaller dogs. Many styles have soft mesh fabric padding and a vest shape for comfortable wear. The adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit.

Some styles of Tru-Fit nylon adjustable dog harnesses are designed for use with an active camera. To enjoy a dog's eye view, simply attach a cam to the back or front of the vest harness and enjoy the show. The stable construction ensures reduced camera jitters.

Choosing a harness for your pet

For a perfect fit, measure the base of your dog's neck and around the shoulder blades and chest. The harness should allow sufficient room for you to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog.

When choosing nylon adjustable dog harnesses for a puppy, go up one size to allow room for growth.

Pair a dog harness with a nylon dog lead for even more control over your dog when taking it for a walk.