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Fishing Plugs and Crankbaits

Fishing plugs and crankbaits are used by fishermen who are trying to lure in as much fish as they can. The plug part comes from the description that was given to the lures as they used to be made out of a block of wood, however they are mostly commonly made out of hollow or moulded plastic and are also known as the crankbait. Crankbaits can be categorised into two different groups and there are lots of options that vary in design, size, shape, lure action and casting distance.

Lipped crankbaits

The metal or plastic diving lip that can be found near the head of the lure easily distinguishes a lipped crankbait. Any lure that has a piece of plastic or metal sticking out from the underside of the front is a lipped crankbait. Having a lip on your crankbait allows the lure to dive and float better.

Lipless crankbaits

Lipless crankbaits have no lip and can be recognised by the location of the tow point that can be found on the top of the lure. The use of lipless crankbaits is particular popular when fishing in shallow water and they provide great lures for bass, particularly in tough winter conditions.

The two main categories of crankbait differ in design but also vary in the uses for fishing. Crankbait lures are designed to imitate a thin-bodied baitfish by imitating the shape and movements of other fish in order to get more attention. This means it is important to choose the right plug for your fishing equipment . Once the fish is enticed by the lure, the fisherman has an easier time catching the fish.

Choosing the right crankbait

There is a large choice of crankbaits on offer that vary in colour, design, type and weight. It is important you choose the right plugs and crankbaits for the type of fishing you will be carrying out so that it can be as successful as possible. Plugs for specific species are available, such as pike crankbait , alongside other saltwater and freshwater fish.