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Replacing or adding doors to your home can become expensive, but there are some ways to find the products you love for the right price. First, it's important to think about the look and feel of your home. You can mix and match styles if you're confident, so for instance, an older home could have a new, aluminium door and still look great. The trick is to do plenty of research first, then you can start to play around with your budget. Shopping for new, refurbished and used items are all ways of exploring what your money could get you.


UPVC doors are popular for their hardwearing properties, and they're relatively inexpensive. If you simply need to replace a part rather than buy a whole new door, this is another option too.
Items range from white UPVC doors with the frame and two sets of keys to made-to-measure French doors.


Wooden doors are classic and can be dressed up or painted to suit your preferences. Whether you're shopping for external doors, room doors, double doors or backdoors, there are plenty of options. These include the likes of white internal doors with vertical panelling and external doors fashioned from oak with four light windows.


You can make a glass door a real feature in your home, choosing between sliding doors, doors made entirely from glass, and glass panelled doors in a wooden frame.
Items like translucent, sliding double doors will add an ultra-modern feel to living spaces, and glass panelled doors in oak frames are a fitting touch in traditional homes.


Sophisticated and durable, aluminium doors can create a focal point, introducing light and space to living areas. Popular styles include folding doors and sliding doors.
Examples range from bi-folding patio doors with three glass panels to sliding doors that can break up both living and outside to inside spaces.