Shimano Vintage Fishing Reels


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Shimano Vintage Fishing Reels

Shimano are a well-known fishing brand producing a variety of modern fishing reels and equipment. However, many anglers enjoy using vintage equipment and there are a variety of Shimano vintage fishing reels available.

Benefits of a vintage reel

There are a number of reasons why an angler may opt to use vintage fishing equipment rather than more modern equipment. One reason is the increased level of skill, which may be required when using vintage fishing equipment that does not have all of the features of a modern Shimano reel.

Another reason for using Shimano vintage fishing reels may be that they are simple and easy to use, or they can prove to be a cost effective back up reel to take with you should your main reel fail.

Shimano vintage fishing reels are highly durable and built to last. The fact that so many vintage Shimano reels are still being used proves just how hard wearing they are.

There are different Shimano vintage fishing reels available to suit specific types of fishing. Spinning reels, lures and conventional reels are all available with varying design features and options on hand. This wide choice makes it easy to find the perfect vintage reel for the type of fishing that you enjoy.

Shimano reels can be fitted to all types of fishing rod making it easy to change or upgrade your current setup as required.

The majority of Shimano fishing reels can be set up to be used by both left and right handed individuals.

The Shimano brand is known for producing high quality fishing reels and vintage reels are available with a range of features. Whether you are looking for a specific rare vintage reel, or just an easy to operate more common reel, there are vintage Shimano fishing reels available to please all anglers of all abilities.