Wrenches & Spanners

Home spanners & wrenches for the DIY enthusiast

Whether you're a keen DIYer or not, you'll need to have a decent spanner or wrench in your toolkit. These items are an essential around the home, helping you complete a variety of tasks without having to call an expert. There are lots of types of wrenches out there. Some have very specific purposes and are perfect for specialist use, like metalwork, whilst some are more adaptable and can be used for a variety of purposes. By checking out your options on eBay, you can soon discover which types are best suited to you. 

Types of wrenches

Wrenches are simply another name for a spanner. However, there are plenty of different types available. One of the most commonly used is an adjustable wrench. Because you can adjust it to various fittings, it's a useful part of any toolkit. You can also find socket wrenches, torque wrenches and pipe wrenches, all for different jobs. A universal socket wrench adapts to grip any socket, giving you an adaptable tool for your kit. 

Hex keys and wrenches

Otherwise known as an Allen key, hex keys are ideal for jobs like putting flat pack furniture together as they're specifically made to drive bolts and screws into their heads. They're also very handy so you should keep an Allen key set to hand at all times. You can get different sizes and types of hex keys that allow for easier use, including T-handle hexes, L-shaped hexes and folding hexes. 

Spanner and wrench sets

If you'd like to have a complete set of spanners to set you up for any task to come, consider getting a wrench set. These will give you a range of sized spanners, so you'll be ready for any DIY task. Choose from either metric or imperial sizes to fit in with your work.