briquette press

Why You Should Have a Briquette Press

Making your own briquettes out of your own rubbish is a very real application of recycling. Instead of filling up the landfills and recycling centres with newspaper, cardboard, and wood chips, you can make briquettes with a briquette machine. While most machines on eBay are sold new, you can also find great value in a second-hand briquette machine.

What are the advantages of having your own briquette press?

Having your own briquette press can significantly lower your carbon footprint. By turning your everyday waste into burnable bricks, you reduce the need for more fuel. When waste products such as paper are compressed into bricks, they burn more slowly, meaning your heat will last longer. Whether you want a briquette press for at home or your office, they can be a fun and easy way to reduce your fuel consumption and provide you with the heat you need all winter long.

Types of briquette press machines

There are many types of briquette presses available on eBay. You will need to evaluate your needs before deciding on which machine you want. Consider these factors when making your choice:

  • Amount of waste generated - The amount of paper waste generated in a typical home will not require a full-sized briquette press machine. There are smaller machines that you can use by hand to press the briquettes that are perfect for small amounts of household waste.
  • Amount of fuel needed - If you are trying to burn briquettes as a primary or secondary source of fuel, you will need a large quantity. In this case, a commercial-sized press would be beneficial.
  • Space available - There are compact machines and very large machines, so you need to measure the space available to determine what will fit. If you are going to install any accessories, such as a dust extraction system, make sure you have sufficient space.
What materials can be used to make briquettes?

Most briquettes are made of paper. Cardboard and paperboard can also be used if they are soaked in water long enough to break down the fibres. If you want to make briquettes out of other materials, such as woodchips, you will need to make sure that the machine is capable of doing so. A basic hand press may not be able to compress things like woodchips properly. A bigger machine can use a wide variety of materials to make briquettes.