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Right Angle Camera Viewfinders and Eyecups

Focus your imagery with right-angle camera viewfinders and eyecups, which attach to the usual viewfinders to give you an advantageous viewpoint.

The right angle design allows you to look directly down into the lens yet be able to see through the lens pointing straight ahead. The finder uses a mirrored angle to allow you to see the image that your lens will see.

These finders and eyecups are ideal for macro photography or any use where the camera needs to be low to the ground. This allows you to perfectly see the image without having to move the camera or perch at an awkward angle to see what your camera can view. It is also useful when using the camera on a low stand or tripod, meaning that you don't have to crouch to see the image.

The finders are especially helpful when pointing the camera upwards as it means that you don't need to get down underneath the camera to be able to view the image.


Standard right angle viewfinders come a standard size, however some feature magnification, which means that the image will become larger and will make it easier to focus.

Some lenses may feature a dual design where you can switch between standard and magnified views to get the best image for your needs. These usually have a simple lever to switch between the two modes making it easy to change between them.


Similar to many camera lenses, most extended viewfinders and eyecups are designed specifically for a brand or manufacturer, meaning that you will need to find one that is the same make as your camera to ensure compatibility.

Some viewfinders exist that are designed to be compatible with any make and design of camera, but they may not offer the optimum quality of purchasing the right finder for your camera.

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