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Got one to sell?

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xD-Picture Camera Memory Cards

Memory cards for cameras come with a wide range of features that allow you store all your images, videos and other data. Camera memory cards are available for all the major digital camera makers including Olympus, FujiFilm, Nikon, Canon and many more. XD-Picture camera memory cards are essential everyday accessories that should be carried a part of your digital camera equipment set up.

As part of any camera equipment set up, it is always recommended that you carry more than one memory card. These can easily be tucked safely away in your camera case and taken out when needed. If you run out of space on both your existing memory card and your camera's internal memory when on a photoshoot, simply swap out the memory card to ensure you capture all the photos you need to.

Benefits and features of camera memory cards

Camera memory cards are available in a wide variety of capacities, these range from 2GB through to 128GB, depending on your needs. The larger sizes become important when you are taking large number of photos at high resolutions, which will have large file sizes.

They also typically feature a lock, which when enabled will protect your sensitive data from accidentally being deleted or written over when using your camera. To turn the lock off, slip the lock in the direction indicated on the memory card itself in order to access your images and transfer them to computer for editing, processing and sharing.

Read and write speeds are typically exceptionally fast. There are range of speed classes memory cards are rated at. These classes run from 2-10 where class 2 memory cards are the slowest in the range up to 10 which is the fastest.

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