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About 18V Cordless Drills

If you're looking to buy a new drill, an 18V cordless drill will be a great addition to your tool box. It's a basic type of drill, usually controlled by a "trigger" on the handle, and its basic design means it's the most versatile in terms of what you can do with it. There a few variables to consider when choosing your drill. An important thing to bear in mind is the battery. Buying a drill with two batteries will mean that you always have a spare if you have a big job to do. With batteries, the bigger the AH, the longer the battery will last; and a lithium ion battery will most probably be lighter - which is useful as some 18v cordless drills can be quite heavy. It's always wise to check the weight of a drill before buying, as you don't want something that's too heavy for you to hold up for any amount of time! A keyless chuck will make your life a lot easier, especially if you are prone to losing things, or are likely to have a lot of different tasks to do in one go with your drill. Some cordless drills will come with the option of a speed charger, which will charge your battery in 15 minutes. This is more of a "nice to have" so it's worth considering whether you are likely to be doing jobs that will cause your battery to run down to nothing before you have finished. The standard charge on an 18v cordless drill is an hour, so a speed charger is really only for those urgent jobs.