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About 1920s Style Dresses

Fashion addicts of 1920s-style dresses go wild for lace-covered outfits, flapper fringe dresses, apparel covered with flashy sequins, and other flamboyant garments which branded women as lewd and naughty when the clothing first hit the market. This style, reminiscent of Downton Abbey starlets, stuns viewers with free-flowing tassels, dropwaist styling, and revealing necklines meant to draw attention to the wearer. When shopping on eBay, look for either vintage attire or reproductions in blacks, greys, and dazzling colours such as blue, red, shocking pink, and purple with dress styles above the knee, at the knee, mid-calf, or ankle length. The 1920s pioneers complemented the attire by adding fanciful accessories such as cloche hats with feathers or pins attached, dangling costume jewellery, cigarette holders, and boa scarves. You may find that after purchasing this era's clothing you have an unexplainable desire to dance the Charleston with your favourite partner.